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January 2019

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Before we can talk about Growing Tech Ecosystem in Niger State, we have to first understand what a tech ecosystem is and what it takes to grow one. Tech Ecosystem is an interconnected network of various actors that comes together to create innovative product and services in tech. Startup and founder, investors and investment groups, mentors and organization that provide business supports can be found in the list of actors involve in a tech ecosystem. Considering this list of actors, one can say, the tech ecosystem in Niger state is still in its early stage. Some of the supporting factors that plays crucial roles in

Branding is a marketing strategy in business through which organization creates name, symbol, tagline, color and designs that make them (services and products) to be uniquely identifiable from other organizations. One can say that a brand is the public face of your business; its personality. Branding is more than just color and name, as it entails every single element in your business to build it. Ranging from your social media profile page, how you render your services and package your product, how you attend to customers when they required your business support. Why is branding a key business ingredient is not only that it makes