Growing Tech Ecosystem In Niger State, Nigeria.

Before we can talk about Growing Tech Ecosystem in Niger State, we have to first understand what a tech ecosystem is and what it takes to grow one.

Tech Ecosystem is an interconnected network of various actors that comes together to create innovative product and services in tech. Startup and founder, investors and investment groups, mentors and organization that provide business supports can be found in the list of actors involve in a tech ecosystem. Considering this list of actors, one can say, the tech ecosystem in Niger state is still in its early stage.

Some of the supporting factors that plays crucial roles in growing a tech ecosystem today includes the media, educational system, the government, a strong talent pools in the community, a local platform setup to support founders and investor in generating ideas and solving problems together with a strong entrepreneurial attitude.

Currently in the state, few of these supporting factors are available which is an implication that the tech ecosystem in the state still has a long way to go.

Today in Niger State, few startups and founders have taken that brave step to push forward their idea regardless of the economy status of the State, believing the notion that some people just have to start it. Likewise, many brains and talents have left the state to work in places like Lagos and Abuja as there are more promising opportunities over there.

Looking at the educational factor, the state is blessed with a Federal University of Technology, a state University, many Monotechnic and Polytechnics. In their own little way, students of these institutions have been trying ways to keep in touch and share ideas that will add to the growth of the tech ecosystem in the state.

It is high time for other stakeholders in the state to come together and help rejuvenate the tech ecosystem as this can greatly add up to the economy of the state in general. Many innovations and ideas that will help solve local problems within the state are out there, but the platform is not there for them to get established.


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