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  • The process of buying and selling of products over an electronic media such as your mobile applications and the Internet is referred to as e-commerce.  In this case, we are talking of both online retails and the transactions that follow such. Today, e-commerce has largely replaced the old way of doing business as it has a lot of advantage over the traditional brick and mortal stores. To simply put this, you don’t have to see your buyers neither does your buyer have to see you before you can sell off your

  • Wikipedia define a website “as a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server”. Notable examples are wikipedia.org, motiv8technologies.com and google.com Simply put, a website is a location of a subject on the Internet. Subject range from persons, businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations. The content of a website stands for a purpose which range from informational, educational, entertainment and marketing. A website can be owned by a person for personal use, by corporations for businesses, by government and

  • If you have a business today in Nigeria and you have not strategized on how to make your business available to all across the globe by putting it online, handling you a great advantage over your competitors, not just in Nigeria but all over the world. Then we can say you are not there yet! The norm today in our world is the rate at which business transactions are taking place across the Atlantic within milliseconds; money been paid to sellers and goods been delivered to buyers. This trend is what

  • Branding is a marketing strategy in business through which organization creates name, symbol, tagline, color and designs that make them (services and products) to be uniquely identifiable from other organizations. One can say that a brand is the public face of your business; its personality. Branding is more than just color and name, as it entails every single element in your business to build it. Ranging from your social media profile page, how you render your services and package your product, how you attend to customers when they required your business

  • Before we can talk about Growing Tech Ecosystem in Niger State, we have to first understand what a tech ecosystem is and what it takes to grow one. Tech Ecosystem is an interconnected network of various actors that comes together to create innovative product and services in tech. Startup and founder, investors and investment groups, mentors and organization that provide business supports can be found in the list of actors involve in a tech ecosystem. Considering this list of actors, one can say, the tech ecosystem in Niger state is still